The CISM Program is a joint initiative that has been designed to help Air Traffic Organization (ATO) and Aviation Safety (AVS) employees like you effectively manage any stress you may be experiencing following a critical incident. The program is intended to help individuals exposed to critical incidents to identify and cope with their responses to these events. The focus of CISM is to provide reassurance and to minimize the harmful affects of job stress, particularly in crisis or emergency situations.

Since 1995, CISM has had a very positive impact on the employees who have utilized it. Now, per Article 64 of the PASS/ATO and Article 65 of the PASS/AVS collective bargaining agreements, employees represented by PASS are able to participate and benefit from the program.

ATO and AVS employees like you ensure the safety of millions of aviation passengers each and every day. Should you ever find yourself experiencing any kind of stress, you are strongly encouraged to utilize the CISM Program.

A critical incident is any type of event or incident that has such an extremely stressful impact that it literally overwhelms an individual’s usual coping mechanisms. Critical incidents include airplane accidents, natural disasters or the death of a coworker on the job. For ATO and AVS employees, this would be any type of incident that interferes with your ability to do your job or that has an adverse impact on your personal life.